Women take charge of the barbecue with manning the grill thing of the past

Women are now in charge of the barbecue – and the stereotype of a man at the grill is a thing of the past.

Ladies reckon they are handier than blokes at the summer cooking staple, with almost half saying they are better at cooking on coals.

Three-quarters of women added the stereotype of “manning the barbecue’’ is outdated and sexist, according to the research commissioned by No Meat May.

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And the new generation said they are increasingly ditching meat, adding plant-based burgers and other favourites to their grills. Four in 10 people agreed a barbecue featuring only meat is old-fashioned and outdated.

And one in six said they are planning to cook more vegan food in 2023 compared to previous years.

Guy James Whitworth, of No Meat May, said: “Barbecues are a staple of the British summertime and it’s more important than ever for people to try plant-based food on the grill.”

Elsewhere in the world of food, people have been left windblown by the discovery of Princess Diana's face cropping up in a slice of ham.

The beloved princess's likeness appeared in a packet of the pig-based product from Tesco.

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She was spotted there by Hettie Osma, 36, who said: "I went straight to work, during lunch I started making a ham sandwich when I noticed the second slice had a sort of face in it. I thought I was seeing things, on closer inspection, its likeness was Lady Di, the whole office agreed.

"I was shocked, I gave out a little gasp, my co-worker Madeleine asked what was the matter, I showed it to her and she was shocked too, with it being so close to the coronation, it's really spooky.

"We took some photographs and thought nobody would believe us, the office was buzzing with excitement during lunch break. I want to try and preserve it to hang it in my house, she looks so beautiful."


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