Lee Anderson demands apology after ‘pathetic creature’ claimed to be his son

Lee Anderson has demanded a “full apology” after a man claiming to be his son called LBC and accused the politician of being a violent drunk.

During Rachel Johnson’s show on December 17, a man called in claiming to be “Charlie Anderson” and specifying his father is the senior Tory politician.

The individual said he would be voting Labour for the first time at the next election because his “dad screamed at me the other night” in addition to claiming he “grabbed me”.

The man claiming to be Mr Anderson’s son made other wild accusations, including that his father had said he was considering joining “a Ukip or BNP” party, and “tried to headbutt me”.

Speaking about the incident on GB News, Lee Anderson said: “This pathetic, little creature, whatever he is, masquerading as my son – to do this is beyond the pale. I’m very disappointed with LBC as well because they just carried on with the interview.”

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He continued: “No checks are put in place and it just goes to show how vulnerable we are as politicians. Somebody can just make a phone call to a radio station and make these outrageous claims.

“This has been shared online thousands of times, disparaging my good name and the good name of my family. I am absolutely disgusted, and I’d like to have a minute with this chap.

‌“My sons have got a lot better things to do than call up some tin pot radio station and make these outrageous allegations.

“We’re just waiting for a proper response. I want a full apology. They need to say sorry, put some checks in place in future so this doesn’t happen again.”

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The Ashfield MP said the incident has been “deeply upsetting” for his children, despite them both being adult men.

“They’ve rallied round, especially my younger one – Harry. It wasn’t about him, but he was deeply upset that his dad could be accused of doing something like this,” he said.

“When somebody says they’re my son, ringing up on a channel like LBC – and we know LBC absolutely detest the ground I walk on, we’ve seen that with the James O’Brien show. That should be a red flag straight away and it’s sorted out on the spot.

“They didn’t. They let it carry on. And funnily enough just after that interview, about five minutes later, someone else rang up on their phone-in and said what a brave young man my son was. It’s disgusting.”

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