Met Office predicts January snow as maps show New Years Eve showers

The Met Office has predicted a wintry system will carry snow over the UK this coming January following a “typical” Christmas. The agency’s December forecast has so far followed as expected, with temperatures unseasonably mild and rain showers occasionally washing across the country. The week after Christmas will see conditions mirror those more typical of midwinter, with the mercury lowering […]

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China has Asia scrambling for super-alliance to stop serious escalation

Unprofessional Intercept of U.S. B-52 over South China Sea China’s hostility towards its neighbours has fuelled calls for stronger regional alliances to fend off potential acts of aggression. Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr, whose country has taken the brunt of Beijing’s hostility in recent weeks, warned China had grown “more assertive” and its conduct threatened to destabilise the region. Marcos […]

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Europes grumpiest country that’s still loved by tourists for beaches

A Balkan state has been named Europe’s “grumpiest country” but that doesn’t seem to have made it any less popular with tourists. Bulgaria, in southeast Europe, borders countries including Greece and Romania and is to the west of the Black Sea. It scored among the lowest in Europe for Eurostat’s average rating of overall life satisfaction at 5.6 out of […]

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