Teacher suspended for flogging nudes stars in X-rated video with ex-colleague

Two teachers who were suspended for selling saucy snaps online have collaborated in a porn scene.

Brianna Coppage and Megan Gaither were the talk of the town in Missouri, US, when it emerged the pair had a secret saucy side hustle.

The duo were suspended from their roles at St Clair High School and ultimately quit, deciding to fully embrace their new career paths.

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In a video that will likely come as a shock to their former colleagues and students, the pair have engaged in an adult scene together, with Coppage posting a trailer on X (formerly Twitter) with the caption: "I call this….. Two teachers, one bus."

At the start of the video, Coppage suggests: "Shall we put some people in detention today?" To which Gaither agrees, saying: "I think we should, I think they need to be taught a lesson."

Then, in a method that no sane teacher would ever implement, Coppage asserted: "I think I should take this off to effectively teach our lesson." The ex-teachers then proceeded to undress before the video concluded, with presumably more available elsewhere online.

Perhaps the most bizarre part of this whole story is that they both started their controversial side hustles without either knowing that the other was up to the same thing.

During an interview on The Josh Terry Podcast, Coppage said: "I started working [at St Clair] and became really good friends with a teacher down the hall. Her name is Megan. We were friends for six months, and we were out at Busch Stadium for a Cardinals game – at a teacher night, of all things – and someone made a joke like: 'We should just start selling feet pics so we can make more money'."

She continued: "Her and I laughed and side-eyed each other. We were like, 'Wait… are you doing that?' Because this isn't something you advertise you are doing to other teachers. You don't talk about this at work. So we both had our own [adult subscription sites], but we didn't know the other was doing it even though we were friends."

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