£201m £201m EuroMillions jackpot winning tips – numbers, best city and lucky dip

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    The biggest-ever EuroMillions draw upon us with one lucky person potentially about to be £201million to the good.

    Across Europe, countless hopefuls are frantically working out how they can be that person and beat away competition from around the continent. As millions flock to grab their tickets, what can Brits do to maximise their chances of maximising their bank balance?

    A number of different factors are at play – most obviously the numbers – but where players live appears to have had an impact too. Certain countries and postcodes have had good runs over the years while certain numbers have come up far more frequently than others too.

    Which numbers are the most common?

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    In theory, every number should come up just as frequently as the next and if the game was played billions of times this could end up materialising. But in the real world, the probability doesn’t play out in a neat and tidy way and instead, certain numbers have had better fortune than others – but what are they this year?

    Speaking to the Daily Star, Simon Horne of Camelot said: “The main numbers which have made the most appearances in 2023 so far are 34 (drawn 19 times), 21 (drawn 16 times), and 33, 35 and 44 (drawn 14 times). The most drawn Lucky Stars of 2023 so far are 10 (drawn 23 times) and 3 (drawn 21 times). To win the jackpot, players need to match five main numbers and two Lucky Stars.”

    So, if you’re looking to build an A-team of serial EuroMillions winners, make sure you’re getting some of these in your roster.

    Which countries win the most EuroMillions?

    EuroMillions is an international game, with people from nine countries all battling against each other to score the whopping stack of cash. Those countries are Ireland, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

    But, like the numbers, some countries have fared a little better than others.

    According to data presented onEuro-Millions.com , if you’re looking for a break, France is the place to be with 27.7% of claimants based there. It’s good news for Brits too, with Blighty coming in second place with 21.9% of winners.

    Spain is third luckiest with 18.3% with Portugal in fourth with 12.9%. However, when it comes to jackpot winners you won’t want to go anywhere, with the UK topping the charts with 126 people scooping up the top prize. That’s two more than France with 124 and third-placed Spain with 118.

    What is the luckiest part of the UK for winning the EuroMillions?

    When it comes to the UK, it is worth looking at the whole of the Lottery portfolio, rather than just EuroMillions. In June this year, The National Lottery released data analysis results that showed that of all the UK, the place where the most people had been turned into millionaires was Birmingham. In total, 205 of the then-6,800 winners came from the nation’s second city.

    Belfast came in third with 174 new millionaires, while Glasgow was third with 158. If you want to take a different approach and look at it in terms of winners per number of people then Watford, Motherwell and Romford are reportedly the places to be.

    “In all three places a millionaire was made for less than every 5000 adults,” National Lottery said. “Also featured in the per capita top ten are St Albans, Hull, Harrow and Durham.

    Should you lucky dip in the lottery?

    Many lottery players have their own numbers and religiously stick to them each and every week, but for others chancing it was random digits is the way to go. Superstition is rife when it comes to this question but which approach is better it comes down more to science.

    In fact, according to Kings Casino, there is nothing to split the two techniques. "The odds of winning the lottery are the same regardless of how you choose your numbers," the outfit says on its website. "Many players choose the lucky dip option, so it’s no surprise to learn that in 2020, around 53% of lottery winners chose to play using the lucky dip, respectively."

    It added: "One lucky winner, Joe Thwaite, won an amazing £184 million on the Euromillions with a lucky dip in 2022."

    Tonight's EuroMillions draw is at 7:30 pm and costs £2.50 per entry.

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