Depressing sh**hole seaside resort ranked one of UKs most dangerous cities

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    The most dangerous cities in the country have been revealed.

    Towns across England and Wales were ranked according to the number of violent crimes committed per 10,000 residents over the 2022/2023 reporting year. Security experts at Get Licensed listed the top 10 regions across the two nations and found Blackpool ranked the highest.

    With 769.7 crimes per 10,000 people, the famous coastal hotspot appears to have a dark side. Just last year, Blackpool reported a whopping 10,849 violent crimes.

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    It's not the only time Blackpool has come under fire. The so-called Las Vegas of the UK was also ranked the most dangerous place to drive last month and has the lowest life expectancy in the country, the Daily Star previously reported.

    It has also been voted one of the nation's most "aesthetically depressing" place. Critics of the town didn't shy away from criticising the Lancashire tourist trap, with one disgruntled resident writing: "My mum and dad took me as a kid and it was amazing – a playground of fun and entertainment.

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    "I went back a couple of years a go and it was just so depressing. Behind the front it’s a s***hole."

    Another chimed in: "I lived in Blackpool when I was younger and it's aesthetically so dead, the promenade is a mess of buildings with no identity and you'll be lucky to find a squirrel."

    Others were less critical, however. One fan of the seaside town retorted: "It's actually really nice now and improvements are on going. Yes years ago it was struggling. It's now back up and coming."

    In second place was Middlesbrough, reporting 657.6 crimes per 100,000 people since March 2022, or 9,452 last year. Rounding out the top three was Thanet with 621.5 violent crimes per 10,000.

    Meanwhile Birmingham and Bradford came in at number four and five respectively, reporting 618.2 and 612.3 crimes per 10,000.

    In contrast, Richmond-upon-Thames was found to be the least violent, with 153.2 per 10,000 residents. The leafy southwest London district reported less than 3,000 violent crimes last year.

    Wealden and Ribble Valley were in second and third with 154.4 and 156.7 violent crimes per 10,000 people each. Ribble Valley's total number of violent crimes was just 970 last year, but its small population prevented it from taking top spot.

    The top 10 most violent cities and towns in England and Wales (violent crimes per 10,000):

    1) Blackpool (769.7)

    2) Middlesbrough (657.6)

    3) Thanet (621.5)

    4) Birmingham (618.2)

    5) Bradford (612.3)

    6) Wolverhampton (612.2)

    7) Denbighshire (603.9)

    8) Manchester (595.9)

    9) Southampton (588.7)

    10) Portsmouth (583.9)

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