Fuming passengers ‘use seats for toilets’ after stranded on Liz Line for hours

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    Passengers were stuck on an Elizabeth Line tube train in London last night for so long that the ended up using the seats as toilets.

    Thousands of Londoners who were talking trips to and from London Paddington were hit by delays and “major disruptions” after overhead electric cables were damaged. This saw all services stopped as repair work was carried out in the Ladbroke Grover area.

    This saw hundreds of people stuck on already-moving tube trains . . . many of which were deep underground, with nowhere to go. Among the passengers was Countdown presenter Rachel Riley, and infamous singer James Blunt.

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    Having been stuck for around five hours, they passengers were eventually let out and had to walk along the tracks, and when freed they began to take to social media to tell of what happened to them. The biggest issue was not a lack of food or water, but a lack of toilet facilities.

    One wrote on Twitter/X: “My friend @madrisimo77 has been stuck on the Elizabeth Line for almost 3 hours. People are using train tracks as toilets, with some even using their seats.”

    Another wrote: “LMAO Elizabeth Line is awful. It's taken 3 hours to evacuate people from the train.”

    It is not clear exactly how the seats were used as toilets, and what the clean up operation after the horror journeys was, but the Daily Star has reached out to Transport for London for a comments. The line is not fully back up and running today, nearly 18 hours after the incident first started.

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    A Network Rail spokesman said: "We are so sorry for the difficult journeys passengers endured on our railway last night and we will be investigating how and why it happened. The knock-on effects from last night mean operators will not be able to run a full service from Paddington today and passengers should check before they travel.

    “Repairs are ongoing and we hope to have the railway fully open by the weekend.”

    The £19 billion Elizabeth Line – which opened in May 2022 – uses mainline rail infrastructure west of Paddington. Paddington services have been repeatedly affected by rail system faults in recent weeks. Incidents on the Great Western Line include four damaged rails discovered in eight days last month.

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