Vet horrifies social media with Elf on the Shelf scene featuring testicle

A vet has left people not knowing where to look after posting a gory Elf on the Shelf scene.

Lingfiled Equine Vets in Felbridge, Surrey shared a post of the typically grinning elf 'Buddy' brandishing tools ready to castrate a horse's testicle.

The post, which has since gone viral has seen a mixed reception with some seeing the humorous side while others met the picture with pure disgust.

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One social media user quipped: "You win the internet for today", but some were less impressed and showed their dismay, claiming it was "too far" and "just wrong".

Kate Granshaw, 41, who shared the controversial post admitted she was initially in two minds about sharing it on December 7.

But, with permission from the horse's owner, she went ahead with it and decided to share the 'vet humour'.

And it wasn't Buddy the elf's first time on social media either, but it's fair to say that before now Kate has got him doing some slightly less controversial jobs including 'washing' medical tools and peeping out from the top of the Christmas tree with clippers.

Kate said: "Buddy's been around for a couple of years and he's a lot of fun for us and our staff.

"It was a way of bringing a bit of Christmas spirit and connection with clients.

"We enjoy coming up with original posts. We've had a lot of likes previously but this particular post went completely viral in comparison.

"I ummed and aahed about whether even to post it because it's very much our humour as vets and you never quite know how it's going to land with people who aren't quite so horsey."

She understands why there has been a mixed reception: "We've had the odd person who is maybe not expecting to see that come up on their newsfeed but the vast majority have really loved it.

"We came up with a few captions that were definitely not suitable for Facebook this was the one I eventually landed on and the rest is history."

The caption simply read: "The bells aren't very jingly….."

She continued: ""Buddy's wielding a set of emasculators next to a very freshly removed testicle from a horse.

"They normally come in pairs, they'd both been removed but only one participated [in the photo]."

Kate adds that it was joint effort to come with the latest post of Buddy, she said: "We often come up with ideas for posts and it was actually myself, our head nurse and a member of our reception team who came up with this particular post.

"The picture was taken at the owner's yard, with the owner's consent, where the surgery was done. He does come out and about on visits fairly regularly.

"Clients love seeing Buddy, they really enjoy it.

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"It's just a bit of light-hearted Christmas fun. All of our clients are really receptive so our equine patients often participate in the Elf on the Shelf pictures.

The post which was shared over 400 times on Facebook received almost and received dozens on comments.

Victoria Vale Edmondson commented: "Who writes these posts, they are genius."

While another who was slightly less impressed said: "Wow think this might be a bit too far for elf on a shelf in my house."

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