BBC sparks outrage as Carol Vorderman is asked would you s*** Laurence Fox

Carol is asked about Laurence Fox

The BBC’s flagship current affairs satire show “Have I Got News For You” has sparked outrage after airing what has been labelled as a “hypocritical” skit about Laurence Fox.

One segment of the show, which featured Victoria Coren Mitchell as guest host and Carol Vorderman as a panellist, poked fun at the biggest stories of the week – one of which was the furore over sexist comments made by Laurence Fox on GB News about PoliticsJOE reporter Ava Evans.

Fox was sacked from his GB News role following the media storm that ensued after the young female journalist shared a widely condemned clip from the Dan Wootton show of the Reclaim leader launching into a misogynistic rant.

Commenting on the news, Ms Vorderman said: “Ah, yes. So, Laurence Fox was on Dan Wootton’s show and he said some terrible things about a female journalist called Ava Evans. Then there were lots of complaints, and then Laurence Fox was sacked but Dan Wootton, apparently there’s an internal investigation.”

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Ms Coren Mitchell then joked: “More importantly, though, Carol, about Laurence Fox, would you s*** him?”

Ms Vorderman would not be drawn and instead twisted her face into a grimace and made an audible “ugh” sound.

There has since been a furious response to the segment, which was broadcast on Friday night and is still available to view on iPlayer.

Defund the BBC campaign director Rebecca Ryan argued the comments meant the corporation was “in breach of its contract with the British people” and therefore the TV licence “must be scrapped”.

She told “The blatant hypocrisy of the BBC and the liberal left is clear for all to see. The BBC’s divisive identity agenda pushes double standards and drives a wedge between men and women, old and young, so-called progressive and traditional.

“The broadcaster is obliged by its charter to be impartial and represent all parts of the UK. That charter allows the BBC to tax people, via the TV licence, for watching any live broadcast TV.

“The BBC is in breach of its contract with the British people and therefore the TV licence must be scrapped. The British people should not be bullied into funding this divisive broadcaster any longer.”

Meanwhile, taking to X to share the video, Laurence Fox said: “One rule for them. One rule for us. And our ‘side’ keeps surrendering.”

Also commenting on X, journalist David Atherton said: “Could the Metropolitan ‘Elite’ be more hypocritical?”

Fox’s fellow GB News presenter Calvin Robinson was also dragged into the storm after he refused to appear on the platform in solidarity with Fox and Wootton.

Robinson has since been sacked after stating bosses were “scared” of regulator Ofcom, which has launched an investigation into the interview following at least 8,800 complaints about the remarks made by Fox.

The GB News investigation into Wootton continues.

The BBC was contacted for comment.

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