Buckingham Palace overpriced and staff customer skills service of Gestapo

Britain's most famous building has been slammed as being “overpriced” with staff having the “customer service skills of the Gestapo”.

Buckingham Palace is only open to the public for around two months of the year.

And one of this year's visitors was less than impressed with the service they received.

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Dr Mark Felton, the author of 22 non-fiction books, has taken to his YouTube channel Mark Felton Productions to rip into the experience he had during a tour of Buckingham Palace.

He titled the review “Visit Buckingham Palace and Regretted It” – which should tell you everything you need to know about how much he enjoyed the visit.

According to Dr Felton, the staff had an “obsession” with toilets, telling the visitors to go before the tour because the nearest bog to use was five blocks down the street.

But it was the staff that came in for the roughest ride.

He said: “The staff wear the uniform of the royal household – the visible human face of it.

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“But if having the face of a smacked a*** and the customer service skills of the Gestapo are prerequisite to employment then the palace has certainly met its recruitment goals.

“Even before going through security my wife and I were barked at several times for various invisible infractions of the rules before being herded with other miscreants – also known as visitors – onto hard wooden benches in a sort of holding pen.”

The Gestapo was the police force of Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany.

The visit inside the actual palace didn't get any better, either.

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He recalled how a “female guard” with a “in a loud voice” told the group three very specific points.

Calling it the “most astonishing scene,” he claimed she told them that no photography was allowed in the palace,

This point alone caused anger.

“Buckingham Palace is funded by the state through taxpayers,” he argued in his head.

“Taxpayers like me and my wife, but photography is forbidden and no reason was given.”

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The other two rules were that backpacks were not to be worn and had to be carried “by hand”, and that there are “no lavatories” for public use until the end of the tour.

The tour itself, he said, was “very nice” overall, but overcrowded and that Buckingham Palace staff had “crammed” as many people into the building as possible.

The pair skipped the garden tour due to not being that interested in it despite already paying for it, but ended up seeing it anyway as the pathway to the exit outside goes through the garden anyway.

Dr Felton also slammed the cafe as being overcrowded, “dirty” and not having enough seating for everyone.

The Daily Star has contacted Buckingham Palace for a comment.

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