Cartel thugs brutal prison humiliation – made to wear lingerie and drink urine

A former drug cartel hitman has opened up about how a member of a rival cartel was brutally tortured and humiliated inside a prison.

Muletas (meaning 'Crutches' because he only had one leg) was a high-ranking member of the Northeast Cartel (CDN) in Mexico.

According to reports, he had been fighting for the CDN against Los Zetas, another cartel, to secure drug trafficking routes around Monterrey, a city in the state of Nuevo León.

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After they moved into the area a video emerged on social media showing Muletas and his crew challenging other active cartels in the region.

He was eventually arrested by Mexican security forces and banged up in the Apodaca prison. At the time, the prison was under the control of Los Zetas.

Grim videos later emerged showing how Los Zetas treated Muletas and other CDN members. Among other things, they were forced to drink urine and made to clean the prison while wearing lingerie.

Some, including Muletas, were forced to perform sex acts against their will.

An anonymous former Los Zetas member recently appeared on a podcast, his face covered, discussing exactly what happened inside Apodaca prison.

He said (as translated by Borderland Beat): "This dude was being punished in a cell, I think for one day. And we used to tell him: 'You son of a b**** we’re going to kill you. You’ll see you a**hole.'

"We all started kicking the s*** out of him. He only had one leg. And we told him: 'We’re going to cut the other one off you son of a b****.

"We dressed him and his buddies in lingerie. Their little nutsacks were hanging outside of their lingerie. They were all crawling on the floor for us. We would p*** all over the floor or the gang would urinate in their faces. We told them: 'Open your mouths you f****** and drink that s***.

"We would command them to suck it up with their tongues. And to keep doing it until everything on the floor was dry.

"We kept kicking them in their asses during all this."

The Los Zetas member went on to explain that on other occasions Muletas was forced to clean the prison using a toothbrush, all while being beaten.

He added Los Zetas would put "lipstick and makeup" on him before he was assaulted by "sexual deviants" inside the prison.

The videos of what happened were never meant to emerge. In fact, the Los Zetas member who shared them was beaten up by his fellow gang members

The anonymous Los Zetas hitman told the podcast: "Immediately the drug corridor got hot. S*** popped off right away. People started asking what the f*** happened, who were these guys? The lawyers were called. And people started getting charged."

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