Disaster for Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu as he fights for political survival

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces a challenging battle for political survival as his country rages a war against Hamas. Seeking support from sceptical hard-right allies, Netanyahu emphasised his role in preventing the establishment of a Palestinian state post-war.

President Biden, however, has urged a change in Israel’s hardline government, stating that the current administration makes it difficult for the country and is losing international support. Biden stressed the need for Israel to accept the creation of a Palestinian state.

The US President said: “Bibi’s got a tough decision to make. He has to change this government. This government in Israel is making it very difficult.”

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He added that “this is the most conservative government in Israel’s history”, urging the Israeli leader to “strengthen and change” his government.

Netanyahu’s Likud party has experienced a decline in polls, and he received criticism from Israeli reservists who found his proposed visit to a military base “distasteful”. The prime minister’s attempts to boost morale through carefully orchestrated visits with soldiers, often used for what seems like an unofficial election campaign, have not resonated well.

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A recent poll indicates that 72 percent of Israelis believe Netanyahu should resign either immediately or after the war. Anticipating potential protests after a lull in fighting, some expect challenges within his coalition.

While Netanyahu blames the intelligence services for failing to warn about Hamas’s plans on October 7, he continues to position himself as the only one capable of resisting pressure from President Biden and preventing a Palestinian state.

As Netanyahu faces increased opposition and internal dissent, the expectation is that protests may escalate, potentially leading to the dissolution of the Knesset and a new election. Netanyahu, determined to stay in power, plans to shape his campaign messages around deflecting blame onto political rivals and the military for the challenges faced by Israel over the past three decades.

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