Elon Musk was creeped out after dad Errol impregnated his own stepdaughter

Elon Musk was "creeped out and furious" when he found out his dad Errol had impregnated his own stepdaughter.

The tech billionaire had some choice words for his dad who was 70 at the time of making 30-year-old Jana Bezuidenhout pregnant, a new book has alleged.

It is an incident which allegedly torpedoed the relationship between father and son, which showed signs of fraying when Errol had been "uncomfortably attentive" to a 15-year-old Jana.

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A biography of the Tesla founder alleges Errol was abusive as both a husband and father and once "lunged" at Musk's mother Maye because another man made a pass at her.

Jana was just four years old when Errol Musk married her mother Heide Bezuidenhout.

Further allegations about Errol saw claims over his behaviour on his honeymoon with Musk's mum Maye, with the tech expert's father allegedly buying copies of Playboy and reading them on the bed.

Claims made by Walter Isaacson in his book "Elon Musk" saw Errol painted as an erratic man who Musk says provided "mental torture" to his loved ones, the Daily Mail reported.

Musk has said in the past his father had a Jekyll and Hyde-like personality as he claimed: "It was mental torture. He sure knew how to make anything terrible."

Errol, who is said to own emerald mines, once allegedly spent an hour screaming at the tech billionaire and called him an "idiot" and that he was "worthless".

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It is one of many claimed incidents during a "drama" filled marriage with Maye, with a final argument at an Oktoberfest party over a flirtatious stranger marking the end of the marriage.

A reportedly furious Errol "lunged" at Maye and was "about to hit her" before a friend restrained him, Isaacson claimed.

Around 2002, Elon and Errol attempted to heal the rift, with Isaacson alleging: "Elon was getting concerned that Errol, who was 56, was becoming uncomfortably attentive to one of his stepdaughters, Jana, who was then 15.

"Elon became furious at his father for what he perceived to be inappropriate behaviour and he developed a deep sympathy for Errol's stepchildren."

Defending his actions in an email sent to Musk confirming his second child with Jana in 2022, Errol said: "The only thing we are on Earth for is to reproduce. If I could have another child I would. I can't see any reason not to."

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