EU countrys pro-Putin PM doubles down as he excludes himself from bloc

In a recent social media video, Robert Fico, the winner of Slovakia’s election and leader of the Smer party, stood firm on his stance regarding Ukraine despite threats from the leader of the European Socialists, Stefan Löfven.

Fico dismissed Löfven’s warnings as “blackmail” and expressed his readiness to face exclusion from the EU-affiliated group if it meant upholding his party’s views.

He said: “If our exclusion from the international party is to be a price for pursuing a genuine left-wing agenda in Slovakia and voicing sovereign opinions, we are prepared to pay such a price.”

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Löfven had warned that if Slovakia’s government continues its current rhetoric on Ukraine, he would consider initiating the expulsion process.

Fico criticised Löfven’s words as “undemocratic and authoritarian” and reiterated his party’s condemnation of Russia’s use of force in Ukraine.

Despite this, Fico stressed that their position on “peace in Ukraine” would remain unchanged.

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Smer’s stance on Ukraine advocates for a diplomatic solution and peace negotiation, opposing the idea of sending weapons to Ukraine.

Fico said that his government would provide humanitarian aid and fulfil financial obligations to Ukraine but would refrain from sending military assistance.

He also mentioned past controversial statements, such as spreading misinformation about the war and comparing NATO forces in Slovakia to Nazi forces.

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