Fortune teller told woman she ‘didn’t have long to live’ – then killed her

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    A woman was told by a street fortune teller that she “didn’t have long to live” – and hours later she was dead. Fernanda Silva Valoz da Cruz Pinto, from Maceió, in Brazil, was stopped by an elderly woman as she strolled through the busy city centre.

    The woman told Fernanda that she would soon be dead, and gave the bemused 27-year-old mother of one a chocolate bar as she left. She ate the chocolate and not long afterwards started feeling distinctly unwell.

    Podcaster Christina Randall explains that up until that fateful day in August this year Fernanda was living a perfectly normal life: “She was a mother to a special needs nine-year-old daughter that was her entire world, and Fernanda and her daughter were also surrounded by a big loving and caring family.”

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    Fernanda had no reason to believe anyone would want to do her harm, and the chocolate was in a sealed package that appeared to be perfectly safe. After her shock palm-reading, Christina says: “she probably thinks ‘Oh my gosh this one, she's cuckoo …well at least I'll eat this chocolate’ and she doesn't think anything about it.”

    But not long after getting mine, Fernanda started feeling odd, and her vision became very blurred. She sent texts to friends and family that read: “My heart is racing. I’ve thrown up. But I have this taste in my mouth…so bitter. Bad. My vision is blurry. I’m so weak.”

    She added, “I leaned on the water tank. I almost fell. I almost met God. I don’t know why I’m like this… I’ve been feeling bad all day.” She took herself off to bed, and started feeling a little better.

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    But her family became very concerned the next morning when she vomited, had a sudden nosebleed and then started foaming at the mouth.

    She was rushed to Santa Casa de Misericordia Hospital, where doctors pronounced her dead.Fernanda’s cousin, her cousin, Bianca Cristina, told G1 news outlet that they suspected she had been poisoned by the fortune-teller’s chocolate.

    “As it was packaged, it didn't occur to her (that there could be anything wrong with it),' Bianca Cristina said. 'And as she was hungry, she decided to eat it.”

    But in October, the authorities released the results of a post-mortem which showed that Fendanda had been poisoned with “high concentrations” of sulfotep and terbufos – powerful weedkillers and insecticides often used in industrial greenhouses.

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    Thalmanny Goulart, Head of the Chemistry and Toxicology Laboratory that analysed her samples, told the New York Post: “These substances are highly prevalent in cases of poisoning, [and] intoxication in Brazil due to their easy access, despite being regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply.”

    Despite speculation that the mysterious fortune-teller might have been hired to kill the young woman, local police are waiting for additional forensic reports before opening a murder case.

    Lumenita Valoz, another of Fernanda’s cousins, said she didn't have any enemies: “I just know that Fernanda wasn't a person involved in parties, chaos, anything like that.

    “I don't see anyone having a reason to do this to her, but we don't know anyone's heart. If it was someone who ordered the killing or if the fortune teller killed her because she wanted to, only the police will find out…”

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