Funeral fight leaves mourner with broken bones after hes sent flying into bins

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    A mourner was left with broken bones after a fight broke out following a funeral in Hull.

    James Nicholson, 37, admitted to causing serious harm to another man, resulting in two fractures to his jaw and a broken shoulder. The victim claimed he was punched twice in the face by Nicholson, landing him in hospital for two days.

    The brawl started when the victim expressed his wish to return to a post-funeral gathering at a pub, but was told he wasn't welcome. Nicholson, from North Hull, initially denied the charges but changed his plea to guilty after being assured he wouldn't be jailed.

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    The victim had attended a funeral and a gathering at the Goodfellowship Inn, Cottingham Road, Hull, where he had several drinks and interacted with Nicholson, who was dating a member of the grieving family at the time, HullLive reports.

    The victim, an ex-boyfriend of the same woman, left the pub at 8.30pm and went home. But he decided to return to the gathering to raise another toast in memory of the deceased man.

    He texted his ex-girlfriend about his plan, but she told him it was now a family-only event and he wasn't invited, which upset him. Nicholson video-called the victim, accusing him of trying to stir up trouble.

    The victim tried to explain his intentions, but Nicholson got more aggressive. The victim invited Nicholson into his house to talk, but Nicholson refused.

    As the man opened the front gate for Nicholson, he was suddenly punched on the right side of his jaw, causing him to bleed and fall onto the rubbish bins. As he fell, he was punched again, this time on the left side of his face.

    Nicholson shouted "Stay down", as the man tried to get up, then ran away. The victim managed to get inside his house and call for an ambulance. He spent two days in hospital with two fractures to his jaw.

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    The victim had to undergo surgery to insert a metal plate and also suffered a fractured right shoulder and cuts to his nose, forehead and above his left eyebrow. His injuries affected his work as an archaeologist as he couldn't dig anymore.

    Nicholson, who has nine previous convictions including assault and possessing an offensive weapon, claimed that he only pushed the man during the confrontation and didn't punch him. His lawyer, Oliver Shipley, said that alcohol played a part in the incident which happened after a funeral for a family member of Nicholson's ex-girlfriend, who was also an ex of the victim.

    Despite the severity of the injuries, Nicholson was given a six-month conditional discharge.

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