Kremlin need a body double for Putins body double as fake Vlad now a target

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    The body double being used to replace potentially dead Russian President Vladimir Putin is now in need of its own body double, a Kremlin source has said.

    In what is perhaps the maddest twist of the is-he-isn't-he-dead-or-alive saga surrounding the war mad Russian leader, the source of the claims stating that Putin had died of a heart attack last week and the country was now being run by a body double has made a new bold claim. “(There is) a certain risk to the life of the double,” the source from the General SVR Telegram channel stated.

    And hinting that the body double will now need its own body double – which is why a body double was brought in in the first place – the source continued: “If, when Putin was alive, it was possible to use a double in a variety of conditions, including with a certain risk to the life of the double (this is precisely why he was originally needed), but now, having a double President in one person, all risks are being reviewed anew.

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    “Almost the same greenhouse conditions will be created for the president’s double as for Putin in recent years. That is, in addition to all security measures, including a bunker, there will also be a 'self-isolation' regime with quarantine for participants in personal meetings.

    “It is assumed that all the measures will not be as strict as for the real Putin, but the general background will be exactly the same – there is not only and not so much concern for the understudy, but also the opportunity to limit his personal communication for fear of exposure. Nikolai Patrushev (the country's security minister and bloke thought to be pulling the strings of the double) is a smart enough person to understand that the double’s numerous personal contacts with the uninitiated multiply the risk of exposure.”

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    Despite the latest comments, there has been there has been no update given on the state of Putin's body, which is claimed to still be stuck inside his Valdai residence, and has been since wild allegations of his death surfaced.

    The Kremlin has constantly denied that Putin has been suffering from health issues and is, or could be, dead – but the source on Telegram continues to claim otherwise. When rumours first surfaced, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov claimed that it was all just an “absurd information canard”. He said: “This belongs to the category of absurd information hoaxes that a whole series of media discuss with enviable tenacity – this evokes nothing but a smile.”

    The Daily Star has contacted the Kremlin for a comment, but it's the Kremlin . . .

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