Lawyers three word ‘obliteration’ of BBC News’ Israel war coverage live on air

The BBC faced humiliation live on air after a lawyer blasted the broadcaster for suggesting Israel’s striking of Gaza represented “collective punishment” for Palestinian civilians.

Appearing on the BBC, UKLFI Charitable Trust Legal Director Natasha Hausdorff laid into host Katya Adler after she brought up that humanitarian charities are accusing Israel of punishing civilians for the actions of terrorist organisation Hamas.

Ms Hausdorff responded: “It’s flatly not borne out by the facts on the ground. If these aid organisations are invested in the itnerestes of gaza’s civilians they should devote their resources to the evacuation of them to the south, which Hamas has been seeking to hamper, with reports of it bombing fleeing civilians.

“The allegation that you have raised, Katya, is a reprehensible moral equivalence. It is utterly morally repugnant.

“It also attaches to the question of proportionality in international law – that is, about comparing casualty figures, and that is also not correct.

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“Every strike that Israel takes, every military action, is weighed up, it is analysed, to make sure that according to international law the anticipated collateral damage – the harm to civilians – is proportionate to the military aims of the strike, a strike that is militarily necessary and legitimately targets terrorist infrastructure, so these suggestions of collective punishment are morally reprehensible libel.”

Social media users praised Ms Hausdorff’s calm demeanour as she fired back at Ms Adler, with one writing: “This intelligent young lady remained completely calm while utterly obliterating the BBC with clinical precision. Magnificent.”

Another added: “Want to see BBC News obliterated – watch this. Most pleasing.”

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