Lazy bar worker rages at couple on UK-wide pub crawl who left damning review

Hell has been let loose in the pub world after a couple on a nationwide bar crawl left one boozer a negative review.

The Great British Pub Crawl is a valiant quest being carried out by married couple Dale Harvey, 37, and Holly Booth, 31, to visit every watering hold in the nation. At the time of writing (November 5) they are on day 589 of their mission and have visited 2172 pubs across the nation.

But their latest stint, carried out on November 4, came with a bit of a hiccup. That day the Nottingham-based couple visited 14 pubs, but it should have been 15 after one Mexborough boozer, Tommy’s Bar, wouldn’t let them order. Writing on Facebook, the GBPC wrote: "We got to Tommy's Bar at around 9:15pm and despite the sign now missing part of it and only reading 'Tom Bar' it was still lit up and people were inside drinking.

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"Whilst filming my little bit outside for the YouTube video the lady in there actually started to lower the shutters suggesting that they were actually closed… so I popped my head in the door to ask if there was any chance we could possibly grab a quick drink… there were 6 drinkers in there, some of which had a full pint in front of them but this woman was having none of it… her attitude stunk… and I mean… stunk."

They continued: "I highly doubt that she owns the place but my word is she a terrible advert for it… she had zero interest in getting any extra money in that til and actually said: 'Nope, I'm not interested in serving any more, I'm done'… a terrible experience and terrible staff member, I wonder how much other business she has turned away through sheer laziness over the years?”

The review didn’t hold back, but neither did the suspected landlady of Tommy’s who saw the post online and came back swinging herself. In a furious salvo, the woman seemingly representing the bar said: “Watch what you write about people, you’re out of order, you [were] loud and drunk yourself – we don’t need your custom.”

Dale and Holly responded, claiming they weren’t drunk and accused the bar of “spinning” a narrative, arguing that despite how often they visit pubs they had never had an experience like that before. The woman, however, came back.

“You’re such a bad person – you don’t know me [and] we don’t want to know you. Don’t put in things about me you don't know. You have gone too far.”

Things escalated with the GBPC claiming to be focused on helping pubs through custom and marketing before calling the woman a “nobody” and “lazy”. Things continued in much the same tone from there, with the woman telling the couple to “get a life and real job.”

The Daily Star has approached the bar worker for a comment.

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