Mass XL Bully walk in double U-turn as dogs allowed despite bloodbath fears

A mass XL Bully walk has made a double U-turn on whether the controversial animals can actually be brought to the event.

The planned walk through Birmingham has made its third major change just days before the September 30 rally to protest against plans to ban the animal. Organiser Jake Harris hopes for children and families to attend the event with the controversial animals present.

But a rule change means only puppies under six-months-old will be granted access, with the older, larger dogs not allowed. It marks a double U-turn for the walk plans, BirminghamLive reported.

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Following a flurry of online backlash, all dogs were initially barred from the event by organiser Mr Harris. But now pups will be permitted.

Mr Harris told the BBC: "The simple fact is I don't want no camera taking pictures of a dog that's barking to go play with another dog because social media has this power to do numbers – they can portray this whole meet off one picture. So if you want to come and you want to bring a dog, bring a puppy. Don't bring no big, full-grown dog. It's not going to be one of them actual meets, it's turned into more of a protest."

There are some who feared the event would become a "bloodbath" after it was initially announced that all XL Bullies would be welcome. The Daily Star previously reported that critics branded it a potential "mauling session".

Mr Harris said: "This has been planned for about two, three months. It wasn't meant to be some big walk that has now blown all over the social media. This was literally just a few mates coming together to have a little Bully meet."

The event has received a "mix of both" positive and negative responses according to the organiser. He added: "Everyone has their own opinion on this breed but there are a lot of good opinions out there as well. If all goes to plan for Saturday, there may be people turning up with families.

"They're gentle giants, they're known as family dogs. Before the ban, most people weren't even scared of them." He hopes the event shows the XL Bullies are "not the problem".

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