Moment Ukrainian drone strike kills Russian soldiers in huge courtyard explosion

Ukraine: Forces recapture Boyko towers in the Black Sea

Horrific drone video appears to capture the moment a Ukrainian drone strike killed Russian soldiers in a massive courtyard explosion.

In the disturbing video, a group of Russian soldiers can be seen standing around outside a house oblivious to the fact that a Ukrainian drone has them in its sights.

A huge explosion goes off just moments later as a huge plume of black smoke fills the sky while giant flames erupt.

The camera later pans to another group crowding by a white van as the drone hovers over enemy forces. The clip then cuts out, leaving the fate of the second group unknown to the viewer.

The attack reportedly took place on a Russian Lancet crew in the Donetsk region of Ukraine.

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Shocked Reddit users poured into the comment section of u/kwagenknight’s post on the r/UkraineConflict page.

One user wrote: “Damn, nice one! But a follow up was needed!”

A second commented: “Nicely done AFU, nicely done indeed. Continue giving them hell warriors!”

A third added: “That’s going to sting.”

It comes as Ukraine has made a series of major breakthroughs in recent weeks as Kyiv’s troops push back against the brutal Russian onslaught in a slow-moving counteroffensive.

Russian Lancet crew in a courtyard of a house get a gift from Ukrainians. Donetsk region in rear
byu/kwagenknight inUkraineConflict

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In a significant step, Ukraine recaptured oil and gas drilling platforms in the Black Sea, which have been occupied by Russia since the illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014.

The Boika Towers were being Russia as landing pads for military helicopters and monitoring the movement of ships in the Black Sea.

Ukraine is now aiming to push on in the Zaporizhzhia region, to the northeast of Crimea. Vladimir Putin’s men have been vying to lock off this region as it provides a landbridge to Crimea.

But Russian forces have created a series of prepared defensive positions in the region with dense layers of minefields and fortifications.

Ukrainian troops have still been able to slowly advance, reclaiming a number of villages previously under Russian occupation.

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