More dead babies may be in incest horror house as dad and daughter had twins

An incestuous house of horror where three babies were found dead could have many more hidden inside, locals have claimed.

Depraved conditions were found in the home of Piotr Gierasik, 54, which was raided by police this week. Polish officers made the disgusting discoveries upon entering the home.

Gierasik and his daughter, Paulina, 20, have been arrested and charged with murder and incest following the discovery of three dead babies at the home in Czerniki, Poland. The nightmare house was explored by officers who detailed the grim findings and hidden holes in the walls.

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Footage from inside the disgusting basement has since been aired, seen through a hole in the wall. The interior showed no flooring, exposed pipes and apparently was the location officers found the three dead babies.

Local police claim they found two of the three dead youngsters wrapped in plastic and buried in shallow graves upon an inspection last Friday. A third body was confirmed a day later, found in an "advanced state of decomposition". Exposed bricks were also seen in the footage, with the area now believed to be the final resting places of the youngsters.

Prosecutors are now firm in their claim that at least two of the murdered children were a result of an incestuous relationship between Piotr and Paulina. The third child is believed to have been fathered by Piotr through his other daughter.

However, speaking to local news outlet Fakt, a woman living in the area and described as being “close to the family”, there could be more babies in the house. She said: “One of the daughters once gave birth to twins, the circumstances of this case are unexplained, the children disappeared.

“About 2-3 years ago, one of Piotr's daughters was pregnant with twins. Now we start to remember everything. He took the girl to another province supposedly to give birth, to Toruń (90 miles away) or Ciechocinek (100 miles).

“He assured social workers that everything was fine and they believed him, but now no one knows what happened to these children. Why did he take her such a long way? Why not to Gdańsk? (35 miles).”

Investigations at the horror house continue.

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