New Met Office forecast shows blistering 7-day heatwave to be even hotter

New forecasts from the Met Office show that the heatwave due to hit the UK this week will be even hotter than previously forecast.

Ahead of this week, it was predicted the mercury would rise to around 26C before tailing off towards the end of this week.

Updated forecasts now predict the UK will see 30C temperatures in the South and South East of the country.

The blast of hot weather comes as autumn officially begins and thousands of children go back to school this week.

The heatwave is believed to have been driven by a dramatic rise in high pressure.

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Last week the Met Office warned there was a heatwave on the horizon, one that was being driven by weather events elsewhere.

Deputy Chief Meteorologist at the Met Office Chris Bulmer said: “As high pressure becomes established from this weekend, fine and settled conditions will develop and along with this we will see a rise in temperature across most parts of the UK next week.

“Many places can expect to see maximum temperatures rise to 25C or above for several days, which would bring some locations into the realm of heatwave conditions. 

“Although the highest temperatures are likely to be in the south and east of England, these areas also have higher temperature thresholds for heatwave conditions to be declared.”

Mr Bulmer added: “So, while some areas may just miss out on the actual definition, regardless of thresholds, many areas will enjoy a fine period of weather with plenty of sunshine and temperatures are likely to be the highest for many since June or early July.”

Speaking to the Express, Met Office meteorologist Jonathan Vautrey said the weather in the UK was being affected by tropical cyclone Franklin.

He explained: “It has been building its way in from the Atlantic and it is going to be sticking with the vast majority of us throughout Saturday and Sunday.

“The best and most prolonged amount of sunshine will be further towards the south of the UK, with the cloud just coming and going a touch more across the far north and stretching down into central Scotland and parts of Northern Ireland as well.”

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He added: “Temperatures will be continuing to climb widely into the mid-20s if not the high 20s by the time we reach Tuesday and Wednesday.

“29C is certainly possible and we may also climb towards 30C in a few spots as well, and that is a temperature we haven’t reached since the very start of July.”

While the UK will enjoy heatwave conditions at the start of September, the weather is due to change after this week.

Speaking about what the weather will look like after September 9, BirminghamLive reported that the Met Office said: “The period begins with another fine and sunny day for most.”

They added: “However, in central and northern areas, sunshine may be limited by areas of clouds, with a possibility of showers or thunderstorms.”

They added: “Some coastal areas can expect low clouds and cooler temperatures.

“As we progress through the period, conditions are likely to become more changeable, with an increased chance of rain or showers for all areas, some heavy or thundery. Northwestern areas are most likely to see spells of rain.

“Temperatures are likely to return closer to normal during mid-September, although they will probably still be above average.”

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