Brexit destroying the EU as Macron and Scholz caught up in childish spat

Former spin doctor on Boris wanting to punch Macron

A Brexiteer says the EU is at risk of collapsing amid Emmanuel Macron’s increasingly fractious relationship with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Ben Habib, a former Brexit Party MEP, was speaking after David McAllister, the German MEP and a key figure in the German Christian Democrats, criticised both Mr Macron and Mr Scholz for their lack of communication when it came to key decisions on battle tanks and fighter jets, and a future trade deal with Latin America.

Specifically Mr McAllister said: “At the moment we’re seeing a remarkable lack of internal coordination between Paris and Berlin. And that is not good.”

The news of bitter divisions between Paris and Berlin came as little surprise to property developer Mr Habib, who is now a member of the Reform.

He told “The European Union project, as with the European Convention of Human Rights, was only ever conceived because France and Germany could not be trusted to be at peace with each other.

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“The United Kingdom did not just liberate Europe, it has since acted as a stabilising force.

“Now that we have left, it would appear the Franco-German axis, so important for European unity, is fraying.”

France’s relationship with Germany had never been a happy one and now the cracks were “re-emerging”, Mr Habib suggested.

He explained: “France is ideologically European. Germany less so – it thinks in more economic than political terms.

“And with the wheels coming off the German automotive industry, it is rather more fussed by domestic issues.

“Frankly, the greater the fissures, the better.

“The EU is an anti-democratic supranational selfish bureaucratic body.

“The sooner it collapses, the better. Who’d have thought Brexit would help destroy the EU?”

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Mr McAllister, who is chair of the European parliament’s foreign affairs committee said the Franco-German relationship, long considered the bedrock of the EU, was not “everything in Europe” but warned without cooperation “things don’t work”.

He added: “In the end, Paris and Berlin need to agree to smooth things.

“And this is where I criticise the German government.

“I don’t think we have seen such little cooperation between Paris and Berlin as we are witnessing at the moment.”

Mr McAllister also referenced a speech delivered by Mr Scholz in Berlin in August.

He added: “Can you imagine: he spoke for 45 minutes on the future of Europe – especially defence and security – and he doesn’t mention France?

“I mean, with whom will you organise your European defence and security if not with France?”

In a remark clearly underlining the void which the UK’s departure three years ago left, Mr McAllister added: “France is the leading military force in Europe and the British left us.”

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