Farage accuses Tories of secretly wanting hated ULEZ after failing to stop it

Farage Talks About The Ulez In The Part Of Rural London Where He Lives

Nigel Farage has claimed the Conservatives “cannot be trusted on ULEZ” as he launch a broadside against the party on the hated expansion.

The GB News presenter has claimed the fact that Transport Secretary Mark Harper has not used powers in the 1999 Greater London Authority Act to overrule London Mayor Sadiq Khan “suggests that the government secretly wants ULEZ”.

Mr Farage pointed out that under the law, Mr Harper could overrule Mr Khan if his policies go against “government policy” and if they have a harm on people living outside London.

With the loathed expansion of ULEZ today, a nurse coming in from Kent with a non-compliant car will have to pay £25 for a shift in a hospital at £12.50 each way.

Tory London Mayor candidate Susan Hall has promised she would cancel the extension on day one if she were to win the mayoral election next year.

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Bromley Conservative Council leader Colin Smith said the problem the government has is that the party “does not really have a policy”.

He advised that Mr Harper “needs to explain himself better”.

Express.co.uk revealed that Mr Harper had the power under the existing legislation to overrule ULEZ.

However, Mr Harper has insisted that while he sought and took advice he has been told by a senior government lawyer that he would lose in court if Mayor Sadiq Khan challenged him.

There are concerns that clean air legislation brought in by Theresa May would trump Mr Harper’s powers.

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Mr Khan has claimed that ULEZ will help save the lives of 4,000 people a year because of the effects of poor air quality in the capital.

But critics have insisted that the science he used was inaccurate and flawed.

Mr Farage started his show in the London borough where he lives “where there are more horses than people”.

The former Brexit Party leader described ULEZ as “a tax on the poor, elderly, disabled and young people who cannot afford new cars.”

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