Beer goggles study slammed as nonsense for boozing in lab not Wetherspoons

Boffins are at war over whether beer goggles really exist.

British behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings has blasted new US research which dismissed the idea folk become more attractive in drink.

We previously revealed how brainboxes from Stanford University in California had tested the theory in laboratory conditions.

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They found while booze gave drinkers “Dutch courage” to chat to sexy strangers, it did not make others seem better looking.

The US team said alcohol only made people more likely to approach those they already found attractive.

But Jo, a dating and relationship coach, dismissed the Yanks’ research – published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs – as “nonsense”.

She tweeted: “You can’t test every theory in a lab controlled environment.

“This one would have been better conducted in a Wetherspoons on a Friday night!’’

The US findings flew in the face of previous studies which suggested drinking could “level the playing field” between hotties and grotties by boosting beauty in the eye of the bevvied beholder – an effect traditionally defined by the phrase “beer goggles”.

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Brits were as unimpressed as Jo by the findings online.

One commented: “I’m 56, lived a full life to say the least and I’m telling you, beer goggles exist.’’

Another said: “For anyone that has done a double take in the morning after – we can assure you beer goggles absolutely are a thing.’’

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“Beer goggles must exist. Otherwise, I’d be single,’’ said someone else.

One more said: “Awe at how researchers managed to convince a grant committee to fund a bunch of students to get drunk and then try to get off with each other!

"A hidden camera in a student bar would have been cheaper, but less fun.’’

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