UK braced for flooding as alerts urge Brits to start acting on your plan

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    The UK is bracing itself for flooding across the country, with Brits urged to "start acting" on Environment Agency advice immediately.

    Coastline properties and towns near to larger bodies of water may be in danger of the downpours set to batter the UK, with the Met Office warning of "heavy showers" to come.

    Cumbria, Tyne and Wear, and Somerset are all being warned by local authorities to "start acting on your plan" for flood prevention as a trio of alerts were released ahead of a large band of rain.

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    A 30-mile stretch of Tyne and Wear coastline was marked as a danger area, as well as Somerset stretch from Gore Point to Hulstone Point and Porlock Weir.

    More rain has been predicted in the north east of England, prompting some to believe the overflowing sea levels of the North sea could cause devastating damage.

    Advice from the Environment Agency reads: "Flooding is possible in this area. Monitor local water levels and weather conditions.

    "Avoid using low lying footpaths or entering areas prone to flooding. Start acting on your flood plan if you have one."

    Despite the Met Office not yet placing any official weather warnings, there is confirmation of the showery days ahead on their website, with "heavy showers" a real possibility.

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    The site reads: "A mixture of sunshine and scattered showers, with the odd heavy shower possible, especially in eastern England. Many southern and western areas however turning drier by the afternoon."

    The Daily Star previously reported the slump in temperatures set to hit Brits later this week, with a chilly 7C on the cards for those in the north west of England.

    Met Office spokesperson Grahgam Madge said: "At this stage, signals suggest a typical mix of conditions in September, with more unsettled conditions more likely in the northwest, and drier conditions further south and east, though large local variations are possible."

    But pushing through the chills of early September could see a break of sunny spells as it is believed Britain will bask in temperatures as high as 24C for around a week.

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