Disneyland guest gets stark naked and crawls around Its a Small World ride

Visitors to Disneyland have been left horrified by a person stripping naked and walking around a popular ride.

Disneyland California was at the epicentre of chaotic scenes when a visitor stripped off and went for a paddle at the “It’s a Small World” ride. Visitors floated through the famous exhibition but were astonished when a man started getting his kit off and going for a splash.

With a pile of clothes left on the floor, he hopped out of the boat he was in and got into the Taj Mahal's pool – the scenes only made more surreal by a circling magic carpet. Footage of the incident has circulated online since, with a member of staff heard shouting “Stop! Stop!”

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As the pleasure boats floated serenely through the exhibition, one suspected visitor can be heard saying: “Oh God he's going to break all the stuff." Another can be heard saying: “They should stop the music."

The unsettling scenes were only made more so by jingle bells continuing to rattle out over the top of the footage. Completely naked, he then made his way outside. Different footage shows him walking completely naked along the edge of the boating stream underneath the fairytale castle, now in the cold light of day.

He was eventually apprehended by Anaheim Police Department on suspicion of indecent exposure and being under the influence of a controlled substance. Footage has emerged of his being led away by six officers, as outraged Disneyland goers can be heard shouting at him.

One furious visitor to the park shouts: “Idiot! In front of all these kids.”

People have since taken to social media to discuss the incident, with one person saying: “Lol was on the it's a small world ride at Disneyland and there was a random guy half naked walking around the animatronics. Then I saw a video of him running out naked and jumping into the water. What a day to be here literally was stuck on that ride for an hour to get off."

Speaking to Deadline, the park explained that the man got off the ride while it was moving, with the exhibit shut down for an hour after park officials were made aware of the incident.

The man was taken to hospital as a precaution and arrested, according to Sergeant Jon McClintock of the Anaheim Police Department.

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