Raging Uri Geller boots Gary Lineker out of spoon car in his first ever removal

Uri Geller has booted Gary Lineker out of his spoon museum for allegedly endorsing a video accusing Israel of “committing genocide in Gaza”.

The legendary spoon-bender has cutlery used by 2,600 famous people welded to his custom-built 1976 Cadillac which he has turned into an artwork called The Geller Effect. The Israeli star's motor has toured museums and galleries worldwide including in Britain.

England football legend turned Match Of The Day host Lineker's spoon used to sit alongside other offerings from a host of stars ranging from pop stars to politicians dating back decades. But now the BBC presenter has become the first celebrity to have his cutlery removed from the motor.

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Uri, 76, kicked off after the telly host appeared to endorse a video accusing Israel of "committing textbook genocide" in Gaza as it hunts down Hamas terrorists who massacred 1,400 in a gun and rocket attack on October 7. Lineker, 62, shared the footage of an interview with Israeli-American historian Raz Segal, conducted by Brit left-wing ranter Owen Jones, telling his 8.7 million followers it was worth 13 minutes of anyone's time".

Uri branded the TV star's actions "absolutely appalling" and called for the BBC to sack him. The mystic tweeted: “I have REMOVED Gary Lineker's spoon from my iconic Cadillac because of his disgusting comments about Israel.

“My car has more than 2,000 famous people's spoons on it and Lineker's is the ONLY one to be pulled in disgrace. No-one who accuses Israel of genocide has a place on my car.''

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Uri said Lineker and the BBC should be ashamed'. He added: "I had Gary Lineker's spoon on my Cadillac and I took it off because I was shocked and outraged by the BBC. Its highest-paid presenter Gary Lineker endorsed a tweet which said Israel was committing genocide in Gaza.

“Genocide? This is appalling, and the BBC did nothing. Gary Lineker and the BBC should be ashamed of themselves. How do you think the BBC's Jewish staff must be feeling?

“The BBC should fire Lineker, this is my opinion, and his tweet instead of paying him a fortune. It's absurd. Over the last 50 years the population of Gaza has grown by more than six times.

“What kind of genocide is this where the population grows? If Israel is committing genocide then it's doing a very bad job.''

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Uri got his big break in 1973 when he used his mind to bend a fork live on English TV. He has since contorted an array of cutlery for a host of VIPs including politicians and religious leaders.

His powers were endorsed by the CIA who said: "We consider that he has demonstrated perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner.” Those with spoons still attached to his Cadillac include Albert Einstein, Sir Winston Churchill, former US President John F Kennedy and ex-Brit PM Margaret Thatcher.

Celebs include the artist Andy Warhol, actors Charlie Chaplin and Clint Eastwood, singers Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, David Bowie, Mick Jagger and John Lennon, footballer Diego Maradona, boxer Muhammad Ali, TV presenter David Dimbleby and Princess Diana.

Controversial stars with cutlery outlasting Lineker's include despot Saddam Hussein, randy Russian mystic Rasputin, rapist boxer Mike Tyson, Michael Jackson and Donald Trump.

Lineker has not responded to a request for comment.

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