Ex-Tory Nadine Dorries risks £50 fine after sticking her trotters on train seat

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    Nadine Dorries risks a £50 fine by sticking up her trotters on a train ride.

    The ex-Tory culture secretary, 66, was spotted kicking off her shoes and resting her foot on a seat in a first class carriage on a Great Western Rail journey from the Cotswolds to London.

    An onlooker who took the snap of the former politician resting up on Friday (October 6) told the Daily Star: "She’s a former politician and should know better about rail by-laws. I wouldn’t want to sit on a seat where someone’s sweaty socks have been sitting – yuk!

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    "It's certainly not something you see in first class very often especially from a top former Tory politician. Then again, they have a track record for breaking the rules."

    Passengers can be fined £50 and given a police caution if caught with their feet up on train seats. The Daily Star has approached Mrs Dorries for comment.

    In other cash-related news, the owner of a mega sky mansion has never seen the completed building after he fled the country before it was finished. Vijay Mallya may never see the interior of his now-finished home atop the UB City, India skyscraper.

    He is currently wanted by the Indian government on charges of fraud after he accrued debts of up to £819million. Mallya now resides in the UK and is currently under an attempted extradition order.

    Whether the Indian government succeeds in hauling the Kingfisher beer head back to his home country is yet to be seen. Estates Project, the company behind the build, has since commented on how difficult a project it was.

    They said: "It was a challenge to construct the mansion on a huge cantilever at that height, but we have ensured we build it exactly the way it was conceived. It’s a complex structure and the finishing work is going on. We will finish the project as per contract and hand it over."

    So-called "king of good times" Mallya may never see his home as returning there would see the Indian government hunt him down and call on him to face charges of fraud. His mansion is empty to this day.

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    Red carpet for 'vape dragon' Angela Rayner

    A Liverpool vape shop owner has rolled out the red carpet for 'vaping heroine' ahead of the Labour Party conference this week.

    Chris, who owns the shop with his wife, hopes his red-carpet welcome with help from partner Riot E-Liquid, will entice the Deputy Labour Leader – who is well known for her love of vaping – to visit the shop which is a short walk from Liverpool’s ACC.

    A four-metre red carpet with plush stanchions, balloons, and bunting, was seen outside the shop this morning in preparation for Angela's arrival at the event on Sunday (October 8).

    The high-profile politician has hit the headlines in recent weeks for her love of vaping, with her own kids dubbing her “the vape dragon” – a moniker which has been picked up in the media.

    Chris, who says he's "feeling confident" Angela might pop-in whilst she's in Liverpool thanks to his warm welcome, said: "There's been talk around Angela Rayner's vaping habit, but she is a shining example of an adult who has used vaping as a tool to quit smoking – which is far more harmful.

    "For me she's not a 'vape dragon' but more of a 'vape heroine'. She's a success story for an adult vaping correctly to quit cigarettes, and fully deserves to go on my shop wall."

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