Israel fears Iranian hackers could disarm Iron Dome in huge security breach

Israel: Hamas militants shoot at driver fleeing festival

Israeli forces are concerned that hackers could compromise the Iron Dome missile defence system, allowing the country’s enemies to attack with maximum damage.

The country is still reeling from Hamas’ terror attack over the weekend which saw soldiers from the group paragliding over the border before targetting civilians.

Over 900 Israelis were killed and many were taken hostage during the attack.

Israel’s retaliatory airstrikes on Gaza have killed over 500 people in the Palestinian enclave.

A ground offensive in Gaza could be on the cards. It has been reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned US President Joe Biden about the possibility this week.

Israel too has been targeted by missile attacks, with Hamas firing rockets in the country’s direction.

However, Israel’s Iron Dome defense system has been able to thwart the vast majority of the missiles.

The Iron Dome is arguably the most important piece of defensive infrastructure Israel possesses.

However, Daily Express US visited the Israel Defence Force’s (IDF) J6 and Cyber Defense Directorate (JCDD) on the outskirts of Tel Aviv in November 2022 to learn how soldiers were being prepared to defend against cyber attacks.

Our team gained access to the base and was given a whistlestop tour by soldiers, who plan and construct simulated attacks on their computer systems as part of their military training.

The cyber experts of the IDF warned that in a situation where the Iron Dome systems were hacked to enable enemies in Iran and other parts of the Middle East to attack.

Soldiers are being specially trained as a “multi-dimensional army with operational effectiveness”. The IDF’s digital transformation division also ensures that there is connectivity between different parts of the army to further defend against high-tech threats.

While Israel is fighting Hamas, the country is also weary of the threat posed by Hezbollah in Lebanon, as well as its main enemies in Iran.

The IDF believe that the Iron Dome has a 90 percent success rate at taking down enemy missiles.

Hamas has claimed that around 5,000 rockets were launched at Israel in around 20 minutes at one stage, with the IDF putting this number at 2,200. They did not say how many rockets were intercepted.

Malcolm Davis, a senior analyst in defence strategy at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, told ABC this week that the Iron Dome could be “overwhelmed” if groups like Hezbollah join Hamas in firing missiles into Israel.

He said: “You’ve seen footage of these [Israeli] interceptor missiles blowing up Hamas rockets in mid-air, but it’s got a limited number of these interceptor missiles at any one time.

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“So one way to defeat it is simply to overwhelm it. And that’s a weakness of any air defense system.

“The problem Israel is going to face is if Hezbollah get involved — which seems likely — then the Israelis are going to be facing a much larger missile barrage of much more sophisticated missiles.”

Michael Shoebridge, director and founder of Strategic Analysis Australia, added: “Even the most effective system can struggle when you get a saturation attack.

“From what I’ve seen, the air defense was still extraordinarily impressive … When I look at the damage and destruction, that’s pretty limited from rockets and missiles.”

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