Israels Queen of Guns who cosplays as Spider-Man updates fans from base

An Israeli woman who goes by the title "Queen of Guns" has given her followers an update from a military base as the war between Israel and Hamas militants rages on.

Orin Julie, who has been known to don a Spider-Man costume much to the delight of fans, has shown clips inside a military base of soldiers of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) blowing off steam. Julie, who regularly posts about the ongoing conflict, showed her comrades laughing, singing and smoking.

She runs a successful Patreon page and has developed a sizeable following across a number of social media platforms with her military-themed content. Her bio on X, formally Twitter, reads: "Mental Health & Firearms."

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Julie appears to have been deployed with the IDF, which is currently mobilised following Hamas’s October 7 attack on Israel. In her latest clips and pictures, she shared pictures of her and her fellow troops enjoying a bite to eat and having a laugh together in a marquee.

In one clip, a group of soldiers in a tent can be seen singing, clapping and dancing as a tray of food is brought in. Other soldiers chant and throw their arms in the air. One gun-toting troop is even filmed waving a gun in the air. Just as the merriment gets into full swing a shrill war cry breaks out as the food is put down.

In a later clip, one soldier with a cigarette between her left middle and index fingers sings Rhianna’s Umbrella into a water bottle.

The impressive singing is captioned with the words "private show" and sees the performer, initially reaching over a table of food and water, eventually grab a bottle and she launch into an acapella solo.

Another light-hearted snap shows a man in military fatigues with two plastic forks bent over his eyes with the caption "keeping the style."

When she's not stationed at Israeli military barracks, Julie is a model and fitness influencer. She previously claimed she first shot a gun at the age of 18, the Daily Star previously reported, and, as her name might suggest, is an enthusiastic proponent of firearms.

"The first time I shot a gun was life-changing for me," she previously explained. "I felt like I had become the ‘strong someone’ I needed as a child.

"I think more people and especially women must know how to defend themselves."

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