My two-year-old can ride our XL Bully like a horse – he is the perfect dog

A mum-of-three who describes her XL Bully as "the perfect dog" has defended the breed despite the spate of recent attacks, some of which have led to deaths.

In September, PM Rishi Sunak announced the government will ban XL Bullies by the end of the year. He described the breed as "a danger to our communities, particularly our children", adding: "It is clear this is not about a handful of badly trained dogs, it’s a pattern of behaviour and it cannot go on."

The breed is now responsible for the majority of dog attacks that occur in the UK, and a BBC investigation in March revealed the number of dog attacks recorded by police in England and Wales rose 34% between 2018 and 2022.

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However, XL Bully owner Georgia Charlton, 24, describes her pooch Boris as "placid" and has no qualms bringing her three young children up with him in the house, ChronicleLive reports.

Georgia, from Tyne and Wear, bought Boris when her youngest son was just three-months-old. She said: "At the moment, it's the craze of the XL Bullys, as they are the most popular dog. I think the people buying the XL Bully dogs are the wrong people. They are people that use the dog as protection, as a weapon. Some of them are obviously getting mistreated.

"I don't blame the dog, it's the owner's fault. They should be protecting the dog and looking after the dog."

Georgia got Boris when he was an eight-week-old puppy and said he has never shown any signs of aggression. She said: "He's been the perfect dog. People say that they're hyper when they are puppies but Boris has never chewed and he's never misbehaved. He's so placid and lovely, he doesn't bark and he wouldn't even know how to bite."

Georgia even let her youngest son, two-year-old Kolby, "ride" Boris "like a horse". She continued: "He's never shown any aggression. He's never once tried to be aggressive towards any animal or any person.

"Everybody who has been in the house – family, friends, strangers, health visitors, professionals – just absolutely loves Boris.

"The baby will run around with the dog's lead in his hand and the dog will just follow him as if to say 'give me my lead back'. He won't try and take it off him. He sits on his back and rides him like a horse."

Georgia was "heartbroken" when she heard about Sunak's proposed ban and fears what will happen to Boris. "He doesn't need to be muzzled," she insisted. "I don't know what will actually happen but I know I won't let them take my dog. I would literally hide him until the very end."

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