Londons most haunted spots from dont touch me deaths to ghost who nabs pint

The capital’s most haunted buildings are allegedly filled with dastardly ghouls – but some of them just want a pint.

Some of these haunted buildings are terrifying with chilling tales of people screaming "don’t let it touch me" while some are a little more harmless. Among the harrowing roster is 50 Berkeley Square in Mayfair which is thought to have claimed four lives over the years, according to

It is said to be occupied by the "Nameless Horror of Berkeley Square" which has seen a number of people stay in its upstairs room, only to be left worse for wear or dead. In 1840 one man, keen to see if the stories were true, asked if he could stay a night in the room. Within an hour, a gunshot rang out and he was found quivering in the corner before he bolted outside into the night.

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Around 36 years later a maid and her fiancé moved into the room. She was getting the boudoir ready when, suddenly, screaming rang out. She was found by the owner sitting on the floor and yelling, pointing to the corner of the room saying "Don't let it touch me."

She was admitted to hospital that night. Her husband, a naval captain by the name of Kentfield, stayed in the room that night anyway. Later that same day a single gunshot rung out and Kentfield was found dead in the middle of the floor. The maid is also believed to have passed away.

Another poltergeist-plagued property in London is The Ten Bells pub in the capital's East End. Over the years the Shoreditch boozer is said to have been haunted by three separate ghosts.

The first is a Victorian man who is said to regularly climb into bed with staff who sleep on the upper floor. When they wake he allegedly grins with vile teeth and then vanishes.

The pub is also said to be plagued by the cries of a baby in distress while the third is said to be the spirit of Jack the Ripper victim, Annie Chapman. She was murdered near the 10 Bells, had her last drink there and is said to still drink at the bar.

Another boozer across town, the Viaduct Tavern in Holborn, is said to be haunted by a refreshingly friendly ghost who likes to have a pint with the locals. “Fred” is said to be a mischievous chap and has even been known to neck patrons’ drinks when they’re not looking.

The mystical minesweeper is also said to have a taste for turning on the hand dryers and tapping people on the shoulder.

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