Gangster Dave Courtneys ex-lover brands him big softie lifting lid on romance

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    Notorious hardman Dave Courtney’s former girlfriend has revealed the ex-gangster was really a “big softie” despite all his bravado.

    This comes after Courtney, 64, tragically took his own life with a firearm in south London. Now his former partner, Deborah Price has spoken out about what the ex-gangster was really like. The pair were in a relationship from 2013 to 2018 and Price was a regular visitor to Courtney’s home, dubbed ‘Camelot Castle’.

    “He could be really soppy and I think was a big softie deep down. We had some good times together and I loved Dave when I was with him,” she told the Mail Online.

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    Price also revealed more about Courtney’s health problems over the years. “I was with Dave when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I remember he was dismissive of the treatment offered by doctors at the time, but later changed his mind.”

    Elsewhere, the devoted former girlfriend described her old love Courtney as “very charismatic and charming”.

    "He made people feel good about themselves," she said. "He also provided people with advice on how to deal with various matters. He really was very good with people."

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    Courtney was a member of the notorious Richardson gang based in south London in the 1960s, a group that rivalled the infamous Kray Firm.

    According to Price, Courtney was part of the inspiration behind the Big Chris character played by Vinnie Jones in the British gangster film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

    She said: “I think the role played by Vinnie was partly based on Dave.”

    Just hours before Courtney took his own life, he was watching Charlton Athletic play Reading, enjoying the “full works” of a three-course meal in the hospitality suite at Charlton's Valley Ground in London.

    Courtney posted pictures of himself having the lavish meal on social media, but took his life later that day. According to sources, he was found with a pillow “placed across his face and had been shot in the head”.

    This Saturday, Courtney's family and friends are set to attend a series of events to celebrate his life, starting with Charlton's match with Bolton Wanderers.

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