Putins sex-mad lover had breakdown, threw cutlery while crying hysterically

The sex-mad gymnast lover of Russian President Vladimir Putin has gone on a mad plate-throwing, hysterical-crying rampage, a Kremlin source has claimed.

Alina Kabaeva, Russia's most successful Olympic gymnast, was last seen in October as the special guest for a gymnastics competition in the city of Sochi. However, she was not seen returning to Moscow, and here whereabouts since are unknown… and she was later linked to being a Kremlin source throwing out stories of the alleged death of Putin.

The Daily Star has been following the bizarre claims that Putin died last month of a heart attack – something constantly denied by the Kremlin – and conspiracies remain rife of a lookalike replacing him in the seat of power.

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The double is said to be being managed by Russian Security Chief Nikolai Patrushev, but the Kremlin has denied the story on three occasions, which is very un-Kremlin like.

However, in a mad bizarre twist, it now seems as if the chaos is all getting too much for Kabaeva, who was allegedly sedated after a rampaging breakdown. Posting on the Telegram General SVR channel, the source said: “Alina Kabaeva had a nervous breakdown – while eating she suddenly began breaking dishes and randomly throwing cutlery, after which she began to cry hysterically.

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“Security service representatives tried to calm Kabaeva down and urgently called doctors, and in order to calm Alina down, the security staff had to use force, only after that the doctors were able to give Kabaeva an injection.

"After a few minutes the hysteria stopped – after Putin's death, Alina is under close guardianship and enhanced security, her freedom is limited. In essence, she is practically under house arrest.

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“Apparently, the sharp change in the quality of life, when Alina turned from a shadow first lady into a prisoner, greatly affected her mental health.”

The source went on to claim that after Kabaeva came to her senses, a psychologist from the FSO (Federal Protective Service) spoke with her, and she has been promised “improved conditions of detention”

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Despite the apparent-house arrest, she could now be given the chance to communicate with friends and family . . . but under strict Kremlin control.

The claims that Putin is dead are unverified and have been denied three times by the Kremlin.

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