UKs most dangerous crossing where parents almost decapitated peering over cars

Parents in a UK village are worried about being decapitated as they cross a busy road to get to school.

They claim the zebra crossing is so dangerous that even a lollipop lady or man can't be stationed there . . . and that their own kids are now in danger, Somerset Live reports.

Many drivers don't stop at the zebra crossing used by primary school kids in Banwell, near Somerset, which is often blocked by cars and lacks school signs nearby. One mum of three who pleaded with the local council to take action said: "It is an absolute miracle a child has not been killed."

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Another mum, Ingrid Loh, shared her scary experience, saying: "The amount of times I have been caught on the crossing with my daughter and you just have cars that keep going over it. They have hit me with their wing mirrors before on the pavement walking my kid to school."

The villagers have urged North Somerset Council to address the issue with the West Street crossing before a child gets injured. However, they've been told it's too risky for a school crossing patrol. A top councillor labelled the situation "ridiculous" but blamed national health and safety guidelines.

Parents are demanding immediate action to safeguard their children in the village, with a representative at a recent meeting stating: "There is a real and serious risk to the lives of children every day getting to and from school. The current speed limit outside the school is 30mph. A child hit at 30mph only stands a 50% chance of survival. With no school warning sign and reduced speed of 20mph during school times, there is a very real risk to children's lives."

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A petition, signed by 195 other parents, for a flashing school sign to be installed on the approach to the school has been handed to the council.

Hannah Young, North Somerset Council's executive member for highways and transport, said: "We don't have school patrol wardens any more for health and safety reasons. I know that sounds ridiculous given that we are now letting children cross the road, but it is something that doesn't come directly from the council but comes from national health and safety guidance and our workplace liabilities. The crossing is design compliant, and as North Somerset Council continually monitors all reported injury accidents reported to the police, the location is not judged to be dangerous."

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